Using INIO brings you many benefits

Time to market

  • Time to market – Thanks to its intuitiveness and simplicity, it is possible to create a video application within a few days from the scratch, including the mapping of videos from a content server. You can test the new application on the chosen devices before placing it on an app store. You can create your own application without writing a simple line of code or a managing a long-term development. You can just select features needed in the application and create it immediately.
  • Test your market – Do you have a video content you want to publish and possibly profit from? But you don´t know if the content is interesting for its potential viewers? You can build easily your application and test the potential market quickly and in a cheap way too.
  • Flexibility and ability to make various applications – in the INIO.TV application builder, you can create different applications for different platforms. The creation is flexible because you can change screens, content and functionality of the application at any time.
  • Testing applications on different platforms - immediately when you create your application for a specific platform, you can test it on the device. This is very fast and effective test of functionality and design of the application on the platform without wasting the time and money.


  • No huge expenditures before launch – The application doesn´t cause any big initial investment for your business. It´s paid in monthly fees after it is uploaded.
  • Cost savings – No application development is needed. You just pay a monthly fee that includes full maintenance and development.
  • Affordable native application – With this AppBuilder there is the opportunity to achieve reducing cost to the minimum. The application can be created within a few days, in addition, it is not necessary to pay a long and costly development. Monthly fees then allow rapid entrance to the market without high initial investments.


  • Maintenance – don´t worry about updates of platforms, licences or others difficulties. We take care! And no additional payment for it.
  • Many platforms – you can create a video application for major as well as for minor platforms from one application builder.


  • Friendly and easy to use user interface – the appbuilder is very easy to understand and use and so user is able to work with this appbuilder immediately and doesn´t need any training
  • Quality – INIO.TV app builder is technologically advanced and professionally tested solution for easy creating online video applications.
  • No coding – you can create applications for many platforms without one line of a code to be written. Just click on icon, object and pictures in the appbuilder.

Comparison of cash flow between INIO.TV and customer‘s development